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Advanced test technology lab of computing institute of Chinese Academy of Science
Test labs
Functions:IC project validating test and little amount production test
Large scale testing equipment:
  • Digital and mixed signal test system ATE
Circuit analysis labs
Functions:Board and system level circuit function test
Test devices:
  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Logic analyzer
  • Vector network analyzer
  • LCR digital electric bridge
  • Digital DC stabilized voltage supply

Metering equipment

Name, type and manufacture

Features and performance

Digital storage oscilloscope

· 100MHz bandwidth
· two autonomous channels
· 8 bit vertical resolution
· powerful trigger system
· complete metering system
· automatic setting of menu mode
· dependable probe debugging director

Logistic analyzer

· large touch screen display
· 9GB hard disk, CD-ROM driver, 128MB system RAM
· 300M vector/mode generator used on imputing signal source
· 4M 400 MHz State/2GHz Timing Zoom module used on analyzing outputting signals

radio frequency vector network analyzer
CEC science and technical computer 41st place

· Meter extend character, phase characteristics, group delay characteristics and time domain specification of radio frequency network; metering device on harmonic wave and frequency changes.
· Frequency scope: 30kHz~6GHz
· Rapid metering speed(77ms/201 points)
· High metering precision
· Synchronously display 4 channels(max amount of testing curves is 16

LCR digital electrical bridge
Changzhou Huifa Electronic Computer

· metering frequency:100Hz、1KHz、10KHz、40KHz、100KHz
· metering parameters:L/Q、C/D、R/Q、Z/D
· testing electrical level:0.1Vrms、0.3Vrms、1.0Vrm
· accuracy degree:±0.1%
· display scope
    - L:0.001μH~99999H
    - Q:0.0001~999.9
    - C:0.0001pF~99999μF
    - D:0.0001~9.999
    - R/Z:0.0001Ω~99999MΩ
· metering speed: 2-8times/second
· display way: directly read
· Display bits: main parameter occupies 5 bits, subsidiary parameter occupies 5 bits

Digital DC stabilized voltage supply

· True stabilized voltage and stabilized current resource performance
· 3 groups of output: 2 of them are adjustable, 1 is stabled
· 12 byte D/A transmit analytical degree
· Correcting function of the software
· Intelligent cooling system
· Rotatable RS232 output
· Automatic alarming system: overload alarm and state changed alarm

CAD Laboratory
Functions:development of test progress, vectors changing test, test design
Hardware/software equipment:
  • Hardware: servers, PC, EDA platform termina
  • Software: ATE software, transmitting software of metering vectors, EDA software
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