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Service description of EDA platform:
  • Guarantee the normal LAN operation and management of EDA platform
  • Equip necessary hardware equipment and software environment for the users
  • Enable the users’ EDA design environment accounts and environment variables settings in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures
  • Upload and download data for the users in accordance with relevant regulations
  • Take charge of data backup and protection
  • Take charge of allocation of system resources at the design center
  • Ensure that users submitting remote applications through VPN are connected and the platform could work normally
  • Take charge of EDA software upgrades, maintenance and technical support.
Applicable range of the EDA platform:
  • Registered enterprises which need to design IC at the center using the EDA platform
  • Registered enterprises which need to design at the center after gaining licenses via VPN connection.
Two EDA software application modes offered by the EDA platform at present:
  • On-site application mode: designed for the small-scale IC design centers, especially the initially-founded enterprises. The center now has ten EDA laboratories, which can be used by 4-20 design engineers to work on site at the center. In addition to the EDA software leasing service, the center also provides network technical support and data backup service to these clients, taking advantage of the constructed and debugged data storage and backup mechanism to provide safe and stable data storage service to the clients.
  • VLicense mode based on remote application through VPN: designed for the relatively mature enterprises. The clients may connect EDA to their companies via VPN and make use of the center’s software tools at their convenience. The clients handle storage and backup of the data and the documents themselves.
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